NEMOSYS-XR™-HD optronic solutions

EXAVISION has introduced its new NEMOSYSXR™-HD optronic solution, based on a Made in France High Definition cooled thermal camera, for extra-long-range surveillance and observation applications.

NEMOSYS-XR™-HD is a modular range of optronic solutions integrated on a 2-axis Pan & Tilt, used for 24/7 applications. This product range combines continuous optical zooms, Full HD color camera and HD cooled (Band II MWIR) thermal camera. This solution brings new users’ benefits, such as longer ranges and wider fields of view, significantly improved surveillance, detection and identification capabilities.

It has been designed and developed to provide customers robust, easy-to-use and performing systems. NEMOSYS-XR™-HD proposes, as options, complementary sensors, as Laser Range Finder, GPS or DMC.

NEMOSYS-XR™-HD is based on EXAVISION innovation and experience in designing global video supervision systems (linked to radar detection and non-lethal effectors integration for example) dedicated to:
• Sensitive area protection as military camps, ports and airports, petrochemical and nuclear industries,

  • Border control,
  • Coastal and maritime surveillance,
  • Counter UAV applications.

NEMOSYS-XR™-HD is using the latest generation of thermal sensor manufactured in France (ITAR free and no third-country export restriction).

As all NEMOSYS ranges, this solution is compatible with VIGISENS management software suite and associated COMMAND & CONTROL, RADAR, ANALYSIS and TRACKING modules.