Welcome to Exavision, specialist in security and surveillance solutions for extreme conditions​

facts & figures

6% growth per year,
over the last 5 years

11% of income per year,
reinvested in r&d

a step ahead with minimum 2 brand new product every year

our markets


homeland security

industry & energy

EXAVISION has been designing and producing complex state-of-the-art optronic solutions dedicated to specific use in extreme situations for three very demanding markets: Defense, Homeland Security, Industry & Energy.

The products portfolio includes a wide range of day cameras, cooled and uncooled infrared cameras, automated pan & tilt turrets, for fixed and mobile systems.

These solutions are open to integration by a third party and can be used as turn-key and ready-to-use smart stand-alone multi-sensor products (for instance our C-UAV system integrating radars, optronic cameras, a fusion management software and non-lethal effectors).

where we are

ZAC Trajectoire
8 Avenue Ernest Boffa
30540 Milhaud