General presentation

a word from our founder

“EXAVISION has spent the three past decades creating, producing and qualifying complex optronic solutions for field operations in harsh environments : under and above water for the Navy, embedded in armored vehicles and remote weapon systems for Land Forces, inside the EPR nuclear reactors for refueling as well as in production lines for steel and glass industries in order to monitor high temperatures.

To be successful, EXAVISION has continuously invested in Innovation, Flexibility and Quality. Our skilled engineers and technicians are used to take up challenges leading to customer’s satisfaction.

For the next five years, EXAVISION has launched an ambitious development program to strengthen our human and technical means: we shall extend our know-how to embed image processing algorithms in the heart of smart sensors, we shall have our own optics produced to offer the best cost-performance-quality ratio, our mechatronic solutions will use the latest 3D printing technologies, and the simulation systems used by our design department already lead to high-end performances. Our staffed national and export sales office will be proud to join you in your projects to move one step beyond standard vision systems.”

Exavision founder

General presentation

about our company

We bring together in-house all the human, technical and industrial means to merge mecatronic, opto-photonic, electronic and software processing technologies.

EXAVISION has invested for many years in human and technical means enabling it to create, manufacture and qualify in-house all specific products or its catalogue. Our teams of engineers and technicians are fully involved in all the steps of our industrial process:

  • Overall development by our Design Office (mechanical, electronic, software,..)
  • Manufacturing of mechanical parts by our Micro-Mechanical Machining Cell
  • Design and manufacture of electronic cards through our Prototyping Cell
  • Assembly and wiring by our Integration Unit
  • Product completion with the Tests and Qualifications Unit

A team of engineers and technicians, including after-sales support managers, participate in this activity. They have at their disposal:

  • 300 m² of an area equipped with the latest electronic measuring instruments and test benches, including analog and digital oscilloscopes, vectorscopes, electronic TV sights, frequency meters and spectrometers,
  • An optical room dedicated to the calibration of optics and the qualification of cameras thanks to a significant number of illuminating sights, micro-luxmeters and calibrated optical filters,
  • An optronic characterization bench “OLISE” in condominium “OPTITEC” located at LNE NIMES premises
  • A hyperbaric pressure test chamber up to 30 bars
  • A 125m3 underwater test pool to carry out waterproofing checks
  • A stuped stud allowing tests at temperatures of -40° to +150° Celsius
  • Access to two external qualification laboratories nearby EXAVISION’s facilities for shocks, vibrations, salt fog and ECM  (Electro Magnetic Compatibility)