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border security
maritime security
airport security

Homeland security

EXAVISION has been supplying smart stand-alone sensors as well as integrated multi-sensor systems dedicated to Observation, Surveillance, Detection, Recognition, Identification, threat detection and early warning missions and the protection of civilian populations.

These solutions are designed to cope with Border Guards specific missions (land and coastal borders), Public Safety authorities and Civil Defence (large events organisation, airports and ports protection, large natural areas monitoring and fire breaks early detection), Intelligence Services (undercover investigations, fight against smuggling, organized crime and terrorism…).

Night vision camera range with dynamic filter technology, enabling sharp observation in visible color, black & white and very low light levels
New proof of concept for active imagery solution range with synchronized optical and pulsed laser beam illuminator, based on NEMOSYS platform and VIGISENS software suite.
Hybrid color and thermographic 360° cameras solutions for monitoring, early detection and alarm verification of fire outbreaks

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