Homeland security partners

Airport protection and C-UAV system

Introducing the NEMOSYS-LR™ / NEMOSYS-XR™ range for worldwide airport protection and Counter-UAV applications.

Several NEMOSYS range solutions have been selected and installed on top of high buildings, air control towers and masts all around Paris Charles-de-Gaulle international  airport area to be associated to radars, RF detection equipment and neutralization devices to enhance security and support counter-UAV applications. Once the radar scan detects a plot, the NEMOSYS system rallies the location in order to recognize and then identify the nature of the threat. The system is locked on the target to analyze the evolution of the direction and the velocity, thanks to the automatic analysis algorithms of the video streams of the day and thermal cameras. The technical performances of Nemosys range on both Full HD day cameras and cooled thermal cameras enable quick and sharp micro-drone recognition beyond 3 km distance.

The system is deployed within several international airports and airbases since 2017 and many new French projects are awaited in 2021-2022.

Up-grading legacy platforms

The Moroccan Gendarmerie Royale chose Exavision’s optronics to develop a tailored solution for its legacy AML-90 platforms. The delivered product embraces a wide spectrum of observation and targeting capabilities that enable vehicle-mounted crews to gain and maintain situational awareness even in inclement weather and under the most adverse light conditions.

Hence, designing and delivering a cost-effective product enables homeland security forces to extend the benefit of using reliable platforms up-graded with state-of-the-art optronic solutions that will do the job for another 10 years.