Defence partners

Up-grading navy optronic payloads

EXAVISION was selected by famous naval system integrators over the past 5 years to supply observation cameras to replace obsolete observation and weapon sight equipment.

In fact, vessels are developed to be efficient for decades. However, electronic equipment lifetime  is generally equivalent to ¼ of the global system’s life duration. Therefore, important up-grade operations are planned to update system with recent technology all along.

After years of intensive operational use, cameras and optronic systems become obsolete, and difficult to maintain at reasonable costs. Therefore, EXAVISION is regularly selected to provide Form-Fit-Function optronic systems for naval applications. Thanks to our know-how and experience in integrating qualified and field-proven sub-assemblies, in mechatronics housing compliant with existing electrical, software and mechanical interfaces, we are able to assist and advice our customers from early solution design to the final test and integration phase.

EXAVISION has recently supplied tailored optronic equipment for foreign navies (Africa and Asia) in 2018-2019 and the French Navy in early 2020.

Securing French Army deployed HQ in Africa

The French Army has been deploying brand new integrated networked extra-long range optronic systems for a global military camp protection in Africa since 2018.

NEMOSYS-XR™ equipment was selected for deployed HQs and military camps perimeter surveillance and protection. NEMOSYS-XR ™ units are installed on top of several 45m+ high masts, upon Pan&Tilt platforms. Each unit is fitted with a Full HD color camera, a “Made in France” Band II MWIR cooled thermal camera and a Laser Range Finder, in order to enable extra-long range, 24/7 observation and surveillance for day and night purposes.

NEMOSYS-XR™ has been developed and designed to provide customers with robust, easy to use and performing solution for sensitive infrastructure surveillance. The IP67 Electro-Optical Solution is linked to a long range radar through system integrator Control & Command software.

Smart sight for NEXTER weapon systems

THOR was selected by NEXTER, as a ruggedized uncooled thermal camera to fit on new 155mm CAESAR® 8×8 program.

After initial contracts for the supply of multi-sensor targeting cameras for ARX20® and NARWHAL® systems, THOR uncooled thermal camera has been selected by NEXTER as a field proven, lightweight, compact and competitive camera. The IP67 equipment features bi-focal motorized lens to identify NATO target (2.3m x 2.3m) with precision more than 1.5 km.

THOR is part of EXAVISION sight product range designed to meet military customers’ requirements for targeting system for ground light and medium armored vehicles remote weapon stations.

This EXAVISION Observation and Targeting Electro-Optical Systems is integrated into a waterproof and MIL-STD-810 qualified mechanical assembly.