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Deploying an innovative automated surveillance and fire detection system to monitor and secure hydrocarbon tanks within SPSE (Société du Pipeline Sud-Européen) oil deposit in Fos-sur-Mer.

NEMOSYS-FIRE is installed on top of three 30m high pylons, each system is equipped with day and thermographic cameras and are deployed at the heart of the installations. The system has been operational since February 2020 and performs 360 degrees automatic surveillance rounds scanning the 160 hectares of the deposit. The cameras can be controlled remotely allowing early warning and better crisis management.

Securing electricity plants and infrastructure

Electric power plants and networks constitute the fundamental infrastructure of modern society. Industrial incidents, natural disasters or a successful terrorist attempt to disrupt electricity supplies could have devastating effects on national security, the economy, and every citizen’s life.

In fact, the complex nature of electricity utilities and the increased rate of collaboration and interconnection renders the traditional security solutions ineffective. Therefore, observation and monitoring activities of the various power systems’ processes and subsystems are a key source of information required for the situational awareness process in place.

Exavision has been deploying fixed and mobile observation and protection solutions in EDF premises to enhance safety and security of people and assets.