Night vision camera range with dynamic filter technology, enabling sharp observation in visible color, black & white and very low light levels

– Observation and identification remotely, day and night for short and medium distances (from 1Km up to several Kms)
– Monitoring of sensitive infrastructure (oil & gas infrastructures, chemical industry, nuclear power plants, etc.),
– Surveillance of borders, coastal zones, ports and airports,
– Identification of individuals day and night. “

DARCAM is a range of color or black and white cameras, fited with dynamic filter technology that avoids the problems of marking and saturation of traditional intensifier tubes. This product range offers a large choice of fixed optics or long distance zooms. The specially treated cast aluminum chassis can withstand extreme environmental conditions: humidity, salt spray, wind, sand, temperatures, etc… A cost-effective alternative solution when cooled and uncooled cameras are not mandatory.